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Cross Flow Continuous Filtration System
Filtration Principles
Sawant Filtech offers MF- and UF- membranes for both cross-flow and dead-end filtration membrane area from 0.02m2 to 8.02m2.

The cross-flow filtration principles ensures continuous removal of particles from the membrane surface to ensure a continuous cleaning. Liquids with high content of suspended solids can be treated when combining cross-flow filtration with the 5x5mm channel dimension.

The dead-end filtration principle is the most cost-effective operation for applications with low concentration of particles.
Features and Benefits
The membrane substrates as well as the Coatings are made from 100% Silicon carbide (SiC).
Liquid Membranes Unique Advantages
Highest flux for any membrane material.

Reduce your feet print and system costs (less, pipes, valves etc.).

Chemically inert (pH 0-14)

No limitations, fast cleaning, reduced down time during Cleaning in Place (CIP), Filtration of acids and alkalis.

Thermally resistant up to 800 ° C

Steam cleaning, more efficient chemical cleaning, high temperature applications.

High permeability - High flux
High porosity (~45%)
Hydrophilic material (water loving)

Unmatched performance in oil/water separation.

ISO electric point pH 2.4 - repels negatively components in most of pH-range

Unmatched performance in oil/water separation. To some extent reduces fouling, easier to clean.

Extremely hard and durable material

Long life time, less down time and maintenance, stable operation, cleaning with shock pulses (BPH system), not destroyed by sharp particles.

Available in pore sizes: 3 / 1 / 0,1 / 0,04 micron

Many application areas: “Waste Water, Produced Water, Industrial applications, Pre-Ro, Drinking Water and Ballast Water.

Application areas
Our membranes can be applied to the following:
  • Produced Water
  • Waste Water
  • Pre-filtration for Reverse Osmosis
  • Industrial Applications
  • Drinking Water
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Oil & Water Separation
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