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S.S. Sintered Woven Wire Mesh for ANDF of any make
Sawant Filtech can supply multi-layer filter plates for all manufacturers, Nutsche filters / dryers directly from our State of the Art factory in Nashik, India. Sawant Filtech has partnered with Bopp AG headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, who are the world leaders in manufacturing and supply of sintered multi-layer plates.
New Nutsche Filter Plates
Sawant Filtech supplies simple filter discs, edge welded segmented plates and state of the art one piece plates for gap free execution. Plates can be manufactured from various stainless steel and Hastelloy materials to suite varying process environments.
Advantages of using Muti-Layer Filter Plates
Multi-layer plates have many advantages over using cloth media alternatives.
  • A higher mechanical strength prevents filter pores from enlarging
  • Low risk of plates being ripped out by an agitator
  • Batch heel quantities can be reduced by running agitators closer to the filter media
  • Long life of plates reduce production down time for change outs
Dust Filters
Sintered multi-layer filter media is commonly used for vacuum dust filters. The rigidity of the material and the consistent pore size reduces the quantity of product that is lost from the process into vacuum systems. Dust filters can be offered in various fabricated forms to suite your requirements.
Nutsche Filter Plate Repairs
Sawant Filtech provides a fast turnaround filter plate repair service. Plates last for many years however, certain process conditions can damage plates and on occasion plates may suffer from external mechanical damage. We can remove, repair and re-install plates in a fraction of the time that it takes to supply new replacement plates saving valuable production downtime.
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