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Multi Tube Filter
The Sawant Filtech Multi Tube Filter is a fully automatic, batch-operated filter with filter elements arranged vertically inside a pressure vessel. It is used as a deep bed or precoat filter for clarifying liquids with low solids content.

The suspension is fed into the pressure vessel and continuously pumped until the required cake thickness is reached. The filter cake is formed on the outside of each filter candle. The filtrate is discharged from the inside of the candles through immersion pipes. After filtration, the filter cake can be washed, reslurried or dried. Finally, the cake is lifted by a blast of compressed Air, Nitrogen and discharged.

Depending on the application, the filter material like textile filter fabric, needle felt or s.s sintered woven wire mesh can be used.

Sawant Filtech also provides complete multi Tube filter installations including fittings, instrumentation, piping, pumps, tanks, skids and control systems. The plants have a modular design for easy transport and assembly.

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