G.Bopp® Chromatography Frits

Sintered Multilayer Frits for HPLC, DAC, LC Preparative columns
Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography columns (LPLC)
moc:-SS 316 L, Hastelloy C-22, SS 904


Flange & Piston frits available for HPLC columns
Frits available in multi-layers ranging from 5 layers to 100 layers
Available in various Micron ratings
Frits available from Diameter 50 mm to 2000 mm
Frits available in Laser cut as well as fully welded option
Shrink Fit & O-ring support frits readily available in stock.
Delivery timeline
Shrink fit frits (Welded) – 3-4 weeks
O-ring support (Laser cut) – 1 week