The company JetSolutions SA was created in 2002 by two engineers, Mr. Daniel Leva and Mr. Patrick Mayor. The company currently employed twenty high qualified personnel in the powder and liquid handling domain.
In terms of a sustainable future success and with the aim of enhancing our service we have accepted the take-over bid of our long term partner ILC Dover LP

Principle of function of the injector (system Venture)

The pump creates the pressure before the injector, by the change of section; the speed of the liquid is getting higher and creates a vacuum through the Venture effect. This enables the mixture of the powder or a liquid with the conveyed liquid. When the inlet powder valve is open, the powder will be introduced particle by particle and directly dissolved into the liquid. The choice of the pump depends on the required transfer time as well as on the viscosity of the end product

Function of the homogenizer

The VTR homogenizer enables a fluid, a suspension or an emulsion to be homogenized or dispersed under the best conditions. It can be operate to max. pressure of 12 bar.