About us

About us

Filtration Specialist

Sawant Filtech, previously known as Subodh Engineering, was established in 1989 in Mumbai. Focusing on innovative engineering, we specialise in the art of filtration that puts us at the forefront of the industry. We believe in providing outstanding, reliable products while setting new standards in the field.
Sawant Filtech invented a new generation zero hold up filter and thus, began paving its way to become pioneers in the filtration industry. With 30 years of expertise, the company has invented a variety of products, striving for innovation and efficiency, offering product support much beyond the industry standard. We work closely with our clients to identify the most effective and efficient solution to your filtration needs.
Zero Holdup NO BG

Innovation and technology you can trust, Experts you can depend on

Sawant Filtech has its Research & Development Department, where existing filtration and manufacturing methods are further refined and improved. Added to that is our engineer’s expertise in designing custom-made solution.
Global development within the industry are rapid, environmental protection is a major pre-occupation, and stricter filtration requirement are being introduced almost daily. The provision of quick & effective solutions is a challenge Sawant Filtech is happy to meet


At Sawant Filtech, we aim to provide the best quality products while constantly progressing and adapting to newer times by bringing the best technology to India with the aim of development, outreach and excellence.


Sawant Filtech has its values deeply rooted within the organisation which reflects our disciplined character. We are committed to being a well-managed, innovation-driven and result-oriented organization. We have a passion for progress and promise a commitment to excellence. We, at SawantFiltech, not only strive to be better partners to our customers but also work towards being well-connected and forward-looking. We cultivate business relationships with an emphasis on orientation towards our customers rather than our competitors.


Shri. Nilkantha Janardhan Sawant founded Subodh Engineering, later to be known as SawantFiltech.
Dabbling in various fields allowed for him to become a true visionary giving the company a progressive and ambitious outlook.
Being an all-rounder, he was able to combine business, innovation and engineering to create Sawant Filtech which has gone on to become pioneers within the industry.
Since then, the company has gone on to become titans within the industry not just in India but globally.