In-line Filter Cartridges

In-line Filter Cartridges

We manufacture In-line filter cartridges for Solvent filtration. These filters are also often used as polishing filters to filter out the traces from a process. We design a suitable filter for your application after getting adequate process details such as Flow Rate, solvent type, viscosity, density, pH, temperature and pressure.
These filters are used for In-line solvent filtration, Gas filtration, Steam filters, Dust filtration etc.

Filter element MOC

Type of Cartridge: PP Pleated, PP Spun, Wound, Sintered, SS Pleated

standard sizes:

Length: 10’’/20’’/30’’ /40” with 2.5” Dia
Length: 40” with 4” Dia
Length: 10’’/20’’/30’’ /40” with 6” Dia

Applications & Uses

Food & Beverage, Chemical Industry, General Process Industry

End connections:

DOE, Code3, Code7 type