Rotary Brush Strainers

Rotary Brush Strainers


Continuous filtration, flow direction inside to outside, welded wedge wire filter element, continuous cleaning of filter element by motor driven rotating brushes, automatic discharging of dirty slurry based on present timer and or present differential pressure, custom designed to suitable pressure/ flow / micron rating.


  • Motor driven, low RPM
  • ‘Power save’ mode operation
  • Operation monitored by PLC based panel
  • Welded wedge wire filtering element
  • Filtering surface cleaned by rotating brush
  • Completely closed system
  • Safe and hygenic operation
  • Complete process and operator safety
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Zero emission to environment

Scrapper Mechanism of Self Cleaning Filter

ROTATING BRUSH SELF CLEANINIG FILTER is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, geared motor, scrapper and control panel. Filter housings can be offered in various materials of construction such as various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal.
Filter elements can be offered with wedge wire, sintered multi-layer wire mesh & plain wire mesh they are selected based on the requirement of filtration quality. For 100 microns and more, normally it is recommended to use wedge wire element. From 2 microns to 100 microns, it is advisable to use sintered multi-layer wire mesh and plain wire mesh, depending upon the application requirement. In addition, it has a scrapper mechanism which is operated by a geared motor. These limits also consist of bottom drain valve for easy removal of collected debris. Control panels can be offered with FLP (flame proof) and non-FLP, depending upon the process requirement.


The medium to be cleaned is guided into the filter by inlet, which passes from inside to outside through the cartridge gap. After filtration, the filtered fluid exits the filter housing through outlet, opposite to the inlet connection and the bigger solids are separated on the surface of filter element. When it runs for a certain time, the cartridge gap gets plugged up by impurities and meanwhile the differential pressure reaches its pre-set value. Then control panel inspects the signal and sends out the indication. The gear motor drives the scraper and the particles or agglomerates are skimmed from the surface, thereby keeping the function of cartridge/element well and keeping the cartridge gap clean.
When the impurities at the bottom of the filter increases, the drain valve opens up and the impurities are emptied successfully, which makes the system pressure achieve normality. Because of well-set position and optimum scraping angle, the rotational scraper drains off the impurities from the filter with the help of the gear motor. This avoids the burden of taking apart the cartridge and washing it, which results into successful filtration of the medium. The scraper system contains stator, PTFE scraper, which are designed for automatic cleaning, maximally reducing the cartridge’s abrasion.