An Introduction to Roz Lab Filter & Bag Filters

Sawant Filtech, previously known as Subodh Engineering, was established in 1989 in Mumbai. Focusing on innovative engineering, we specialise in the art of filtration that puts us at the forefront of the industry. We believe in providing outstanding, reliable products while setting new standards in the field.

Sawant Filtech made up a new technology that has turned into a brand and therefore, began paving its way to become pioneers within the filtration trade. With thirty years of experience, our products have made a spread of our unique technology effort for innovation and potency, giving great support from so long in this common market. We have a tendency to work closely with our purchasers to spot the foremost effective and economical resolution to their filtration desires.

Today in this blog we will be sharing with you about two super tech-savvy products, Roz lab filter, and Bag filter. Let’s jump on the Roz lab filter product first.

About Roz Lab Filter:


The “Roz Lab Filter” is an innovative laboratory solution filling a need in today’s R&D labs, whether in the chemical or pharmaceuticals industry. Indeed, the replacement technology combines within one piece of equipment, existing filtration and drying methods and therefore actually supersedes Buchner filtrations and tray drying. Most of the liquid / solid separation requirements can be applied in this new apparatus which makes the LFD a truly global solution that fits in every lab.


  • Combining filtration and drying inside one piece of
  • Equipment guarantees that liquid and solid separation
  • Process development profit from:
  • Minimum method Disruption
  • Batch Homogeneity
  • Improve Yield Reduced Product Exposure
  • Process Visibility

About Bag Filters:


Bag Filters are generally sprucing, safety, or residual volume filters & are suitable solely appropriate for liquids with low solids concentrations. Each one & multiple bag filter is simple to use and maintain.

Their quality for top volume flows together with their comparatively low value usually makes this kind of filter an investment that recoups its value at intervals in a fairly short time.

Apart from these two products we also provide a variety of products like Cellulose Filter Paper, zero hold up filter press, Chromatography Frits, Multi Tube Filter, HPLC frits, PP Zero Hold Up Filter, Catalyst Filtration and Recovery, Cartridge Filter, Column Frits, Sparkler Filter, PP Sparkler FIlter and much more.

At Sawant Filtech, we aim to provide the best quality products while constantly progressing and adapting to newer times by bringing the best technology to India with the aim of development, outreach, and excellence. Contact Us

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