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Sawant Filtech at the Dahej Expo 2021

After 3 years of remote working, the season finally kicks off with the Dahej Expo-

Dahej is one of the major centres for Chemical and Pharma Companies. 

The Expo was a great opportunity to reach out to our clientele. From meet and greets to sharing innovative ideas and collectively brainstorming for all filtration needs; Sawant Filtech’s stall accommodated all ideas and people, with a special lounge area to turn thoughts into reality.

Sawant Filtech Live Demonstration Tools-


G Bopp Sintered Mesh 


Live Demonstration of the sintered mesh with a sparger gave viewers a live representation of how G. Bopp Sintered mesh Micron rating is uniform and accurate, enhancing conversation and inquisitiveness by the visitors, both were displayed with various products and filter media, including Chromatography/HPLC –  Column Frits  

Bopp meshes are used for various purposes, primarily when used in solid liquid filtration they are highly beneficial for Dedicated Operation of singular chemical.

These Sintered meshes work  great in high pressure making them ideal for Chromatography/HPLC/ Column Frits , the sinteration and fusion bonding technology can withstand tremendous pressure.

Due to the  multi-layered  woven wire mesh and surface filtration tech all contaminants are trapped on the surface which easily can be  sterile cleaned with ultrasonic bath, high water/solvent,  high pressure nitrogen or compatible gas pulsing.


CP pumps AG


Dahej being a major centre dealing with hazardous chemicals which are not easy to handle , the CP pump station earned great interest by the visitors for its one of a kind technology. With a whole deconstructed pump set up, giving users the insides of the mechanisms, truly got through the features of the magnetic  drive pumps.

The seal-less  technology of CP pumps makes it one of a kind, ensuring minimal to no contact with the chemical,providing safety to the users.

The pumps work on a magnetic drive with no shaft hence there is minimal energy loss while pumping making them energy efficient.  


BIar and Famat Sampling Valves


The Biar and Famat Station gave visitors a look into not only the application and uses but also the diversity of its installation, with a live line visitors got to see the easy to use and safe spring-loaded mechanism of the valve to safely extract the sample.


Live Zero Hold Up/ Zero Hold Up Filter Press/ Sparkler Filter


Living up to the claim: 99.9%  Single pass clarity  , the Sawant Filtech Booth had live Zero hold up Filter with a glass shell and acrylic transparent inward and outward pipes, allowing users a glance inside the filter, the live demonstration let viewers observe the single-pass filtration of carbon and water.


Multi- Tube Filter



Sawant Filtech offers a complete isolated system for catalyst filtration and recovery. Most of the catalysts used in the industries are pyrophoric in nature thus handling and operating these catalysts has to be done in a closed isolated environment. 

The Cross-sectional view of the Multi Tube filter granted users a view of the filter media and candles. The setup also had a complete variety of Filter socks and candles compatible with the multi-tube filter.


Filter Media & Cellulose Paper



Sawant Filtech’s filter media is made to enhance the life of the filter and optimize the filtration process-

The Display booth consisted of Cellulose Filter Paper, Carbon Paper (AC-160), Carbon Pads (S-900), and various filter candles –

  • SS 316 L/SS 904/HC-22 Sintered woven wire mesh candle – G.Bopp SWITZERLAND make
  • SS 316 L/ HC-22/HC-276 Sintered powder candle – GKN GERMANY Make
  • PP filter cartridge
  • PTFE FIlter cartridge
  • PBT Filter cartridge

The station in addition to the above cartridge was also accompanied by compatible filter socks like-

  • Anti- Static PP
  • Anti- Static Polyester 
  • Anti- Static PTFE

The Dahej Exhibition was a great success garnering great interest from the visitors and giving us a marvelous opportunity to reconnect with our clients. Sawant Filtech loves meeting you offline, Providing innovative and simple business solutions for years.


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