Lab Filter

Lab Filter- Basel Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

Lab Filter- Sawant Filtech’s Basel – ANFD made for Research and Development Lab, Basel ANFD- is a Lab Scale filter that can be used for precision filtration on a semi-small scale. This complex machinery is a combination of various elements working in harmony towards a unified objective. This Lab Filter is built with the intention of minimizing human interference, with a PLC interface where users can save recipes/ systems/ processes for every mixture.

This Lab FIlter has 4 jackets that users can alter temperature independently, the temperature can be controlled through the PLC interface. The Filter also has pressure/vacuum inlets used in combination with a filter plate fitted with the G. Bopp. Sintered Mesh Filter Media- which is available in various porosity from 1 to 100; to force liquid through the media, forming a solid bed often referred to as “cake”; besides the filer mesh, this lab filter is also equipped with a star filter with a vacuum outlet that assists in the drying process.

The Jacketed Agitator not just spins in both directions but also has a feature that lets the users move it up and down for consistent and uniform mixing. The movement is just restricted to the agitator as the vessel also has the ability to tilt forward to ease mixing and discharge of samples. 


Each bag filter meets the specific process needs of the clients, with made-to-order shells with different capacities of the bag, One Filter can house multiple bags and baskets. Their suitability for high volume flows in combination with their relatively low maintenance often makes this type of filter an investment that recoups its cost within a reasonably short time. 

These filters have various applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

With various filter bag mods, operators have options from one micron to 100 microns. 

Sawant filtech makes customized filter bag solutions with varying perforated basket sizes to different shell sizes. 

The Below slideshow highlights every element of this unique lab filter


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