CNC Machine

Sawant Filtech Receives a State of the Art CNC Machine

Sawant FIltech adds a new CNC VTL machine to their infrastructure which now enables delivering the right parts and components with high accuracy and precision for all magnitudes.

CNC Machine

It is the first of its kind in the industry, Sawant Filtech Plans to automate and future-proof its whole manufacturing process. This being a stepping stone in that journey.

This new piece of Machinery empowers the Design team with freedom to explore new possibilities in filtration, giving them the creative freedom to unleash the potential for innovation, the machine is capable of executing plates with Diameter more than 33’.

With this tech, Sawant FIltech’s products from Zero Hold Up to Multi Tube filters will soon be produced with higher accuracy and frequency, aiding to our process this machine will encourage breakthroughs.

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